We're looking for a few people to join us in our mission. If you're interested in exploring the future of work and have some skills to lend to the cause, send us a note along with a summary of your recent and relevant work experience. Send us whatever you think best tells your story. 

MONDAY believes in an evolved workplace that allows inspired people to create their own positions. While we have basic outlines and requirements for these jobs, we're looking for special people to come in and make them their own. We’re prepared to work in whatever ways work best for the individuals on our team. If that means odd hours, a non-traditional schedule or working remotely we’re all for it. As long as your work is inspired and the outcome pushes us forward, we'll leave that up to you.




Editorial Intern

We're looking for a junior team member to help manage the development of our original editorial and stay on top of our social media channels. The ideal candidate will have some background in media and/or publishing and be able to work with us 3 days each week for the next two months. 

To apply, send a description of your experience and why you'd like to be involved with our project to: positions@readmonday.com
(please include "Editorial Intern" in your subject line)

We're interested in learning more about what you've done and how you'd like to help us move MONDAY forward. Include whatever recent and relevant experience and interests you feel qualify you for this position. We're interested in seeing how you see yourself and your work best exemplified - if that's a resumé, great. If that's a website or something else - that's great too. 


Managing Editor

MONDAY is also looking for an amazing, multi-tasking, un-flusterable, super resourceful Managing Editor to work directly with our editorial and design teams. We're looking for a candidate with some related experience as a producer/traffic cop/managing editor who's looking to expand the scope of their responsibilities (starting with creating a beautiful print publication but also including coordinating events and our remote contributors) . You probably have some experience with editorial and publishing but maybe, in the back of your mind, you've thought there could be a better way. Come be a part of making that better way come to life.

To apply, send us a note along with whatever recent and relevant work experience you feels qualifies you for this position. We're interested in seeing how you see yourself and your work best exemplified. Send resumés, websites, recent articles, and other writing samples to us along with a quick overview of how you see our mission to: positions@readmonday.com
(please include "Managing Editor" in your subject line)



Working with a diverse range of contributors is key to the success of MONDAY. We're excited about working with all types of original contributors across a range of media. Get in touch with us to be put on our list of potential contributors and to hear about upcoming projects.


We're looking forward to working with a broad range of writers. If you've got an idea for something you'd like to contribute to MONDAY, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at: contributors@readmonday.com

Photographers, Illustrators and Artists

We believe that the way we work from now on is beautiful and we want to show it off. If you would like to contribute your unique talent to our pages, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a note along with some work samples and and idea of how you'd like to be involved to: contributors@readmonday.com