The people and organizations expanding the definitions of work and life.


MONDAY is a new publication dedicated to the redefinition of success in the 21st century. Each issue focuses on the people, ideas and organizations setting an inspirational standard for how well we can live through the work we do.

There has never been a magazine quite like MONDAY because there has never been a generation of thinkers, makers, and doers quite like this one.

MONDAY is happening right now and you are a part of it.


Why Monday?
It used to be one of the least loved words in the English language, the name of the first (and worst) leg of the weekly slog, and the bitterest part of the most undermining phrase we can imagine: Happy Monday, yourself. But when you love what you do, Monday is just another day to get it done; when your life and your career blend together in ways your parents’ generation couldn’t begin to imagine, Monday might be the perfect day to finish a project or it might be the best time to go surfing. When you’ve let go of the outdated concepts of success and failure and begun to define yourself on your own terms, Monday is packed with potential and creativity. It’s another day and another chance to get it right.

Why Now?
Because we’ve won. The old models of having a career, starting a business, or climbing the corporate ladder are through and we—the workers, the makers, the thinkers and the dreamers—are empowered as never before. Our commitment to making things that are useful, additive, and above all authentic ensures that we can reimagine even the most rigidly defined things in the world including… Monday.

Why You?
Because like us, your heroes are the creators in any trade, top or bottom. Because no cubicle, storefront, schedule, or hierarchy can stop you from doing what you do: Being yourself, defining a new way of living and working to change the world one Monday at a time. Join us and see: Monday’s gonna be great.